Guernica: Some Other I Before Me

*On Alexander Chee's How To Write an Autobiographical Novel and growing up in the shadow of AIDS

Medium: Learning to be Looked At

*On sitting for naked photographs as a way to imagine being desired

The Village Voice: AIDS Taught Me Sex Was Deadly. A Pill Changed That

  * On HIV, medication, and fear.  

Gawker - This Is Not My Story to Tell

  * On geography, physical and personal.  

Gawker - There’s a Nerd in the Locker Room: Sex, Beauty and Self-Love

  * On the body, self-worth, the gym.  

The Los Angeles ReviewLosing My Religion

  * On home, pop art, queerness, youth.

Lambda Literary Review - Reflections on D. Gilson

  * In conversation with D. Gilson's I Will Say This Exactly One Time.

The Rumpus - Notes From Freedom County

  * On my hometown: Freedom County, USA.

The Rumpus - A Book About The Internet

  * On Americanah and how the internet both fosters dialog and can become all-encompassing, an addiction.  

Salon - It Could Have Been My Family In Mudslide Country

  * On tragedy at home.

The Huffington Post - 12 Things White People Can Actually Do After the Ferguson Decision

  * Practical steps for white allies in the wake of police violence and non-indictments.

The Feminist Wire -  How Many Black Histories We Still Don’t Know: An Interview With Simone Leigh

  * An Interview with artist Simone Leigh.

The Feminist Wire - Love Letter To White People 

  * A love letter to white people.  I mean every word.

The Feminist Wire  - White Men Rule The World*

  * On growing up weird and a little fem in a small logging town.

The Feminist Wire - Kara Walker and the Sweet Taste of Gentrification

  * On Kara Walker in Williamsburg and how art is used to gentrify neighborhoods.

The Feminist Wire - Blood (Orange) On the Tracks

  * On Blood Orange and police brutality.

Arcade44 - That Kind Of Blue: Chris Ofili At The New Museum

  * Chris Ofili at The New Museum in conversation with Claudia Rankine.

Arcade44 - Contemporary Art For Better And For Worse // Cutlog NYC

  * A review of Cutlog, a megagallery installation in New York's Lower East Side.

Arcade44 - The Love Junkie & Me // Bridget Barkan

  * A review of Bridget Barkan's one woman show about addiction and love.

Arcade44 - Vanitas // The Bass Museum // Silvia Cubina

  * An interview with Silvia Cubin, Chief Curator at the Bass Museum of Art.

Sibling Rivalry Press - The Queer South: LGBTQ Writers on the American South (Douglas Ray, Editor)

  * The full version of "This is Not My Story to Tell" is included in this anthology, edited by Douglas Ray.

LGBTQ Policy Journal at the Harvard Kennedy School“i Was Born this Way”: is Sexuality innate, and Should it matter? 

  * Academic article wherein I argue that the science of sexuality should not impact public policy.